Friday 13 February 2009

Snow day

Progress on site as slowed due to snowgirls on site, scooby the site mascot took a instance liking to "Doris" and promptly pissed on her leg, (down boy)

Tuesday 20 January 2009

SSSHHHHH we are not here!!

As some of my regular readers will know the Thrandeston Bog site was shut down due to Network Rails regulations on "personal identity protection", so to protect the Innocent here certain things have been changed ,this is NOTish the Thrandeston Job, there is nobody here, we are a figment of your imagination , all personal (if indeed there is any persons) have had there identity protected in case of PC gone mad or a terror attack, it must also be pointed out that no farm animals was injured in the making of this blog, this includes the BAM guys.
please note that the guys on the right have not had they identities protected due to the fact that they are considered less than human so poss no threat from the PC police or indeed wife's etc.

This is the lake we managed to make for the tourist board, the locals as seen in this shot are waiting for they body boards as promised by Ben.

As you can see the identity of the innocent have been protected.